Market and economic outlook

The election of Donald Trump as president was by far the biggest political and economic event of the fourth quarter. His campaign platform was based on pro-growth, lower taxes, tougher trade and immigration policies, and a more combative national security platform. What happens in the economy and markets as a result of his term in office may certainly mean more change than investors have been used to. Read more in "The Economy and the Markets" for fourth quarter from Advantus Capital Management.

Guide to 2017 retirement savings limits

The Guide to 2017 Plan Limits highlights the savings limits and thresholds applicable to qualified retirement plans.

Riding out market ups and downs

Remember your retirement plan is a long-term investment. To help manage risk make sure your portfolio is well diversified and being rebalanced on a regular basis. Investment decisions should be based on your individual needs and risk tolerance. Please remember diversification and rebalancing are a way to manage risk and are not guaranteed to protect against loss. Learn more.